Fragrance Haven: Experience the Relaxing Massage with Aroma Oil

In a world full of hustle and stress, it’s crucial to find time for relaxation and self-care. We bring to you a unique experience with our Relaxing Massage with Aroma Oil, a perfect blend of relaxation and the harmony of fragrances.

Our relaxing massage, utilizing aromatic oils, is not just about touch but also about the scents that elevate the sense of well-being and relaxation. The aromatic oils are carefully selected to promote relaxation, calm the mind, and bring a sense of harmony and balance.

We offer two lengths for the massage:

  • The 60-minute massage at 1190 CZK is ideal for those who want to experience deep relaxation while finding a moment for themselves amid a hectic day.
  • For an even deeper and more intensive experience, we recommend the 90-minute massage at 1590 CZK. This extended duration allows our masseuses to attend to every part of the body with maximum care and attention.


This massage is the perfect way to de-stress, rejuvenate, and regain energy. Through the combination of high-quality aromatic oils and expert massage techniques, you will witness a unique union of physical relaxation and sensory pleasure.

Allow yourself to be engulfed in this exceptional experience, where each touch and scent create perfect harmony. Come and enjoy relaxation and rejuvenation of both body and spirit with us, and discover how pleasant and enriching a Relaxing Massage with Aroma Oil can be. Book your appointment and allow yourself to experience the relaxation you’ve always desired.

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